Dissertation Tips: Research Resources – best places to Hunt for the details

Dissertation Tips: Research Resources – best places to Hunt for the details

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Teleconference system expanded

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We decided to expand the old version of our teleconference system. In previous form it was only useful with EmoHead as only one user could see the another and instead of implementing the same thing in the other way we provided representation of the second user by the robot. Now, we’ve created two new launch files in our own ROS package – tele master.launch and tele client.launch. Our goal was to make one computer a server (master) for other users to connect to. First, you define how many users do you expect and run the master launch. Then, whenever a user connects to it (using tele client.launch), the client launch opens number of windows corresponding to the number of defined users and he/she appears on windows of the rest of already connected users as well as they can hear him/her. So basically, we’ve managed to make an outright, ordinary, skype-like teleconference system, although based entirely on ROS which is cool!

By all means, there were some troubles with it – bandwidth. By default, gscam node publishes either compressed and uncompressed video stream into ROS topics. Unfortunately, image_view node subscribes to the uncompressed one by default. These two issues combined made implementation really bumpy for us and took a while to figure out how to change this fact. As it turns out, you do not want to mess with gscam nor image_view node’s source code. There is _image_transport parameter available when running the image_view node. Normally it’s set to raw value. When changed to compressed it solves everything – bandwidth pitches from ~4MB/s per person to enjoyable ~200kB/s per person. Another thing worth mentioning – don’t mess with framerate too much as well – it can be only 30 or 15 frames per second (don’t ask why).

So now it’s possible to use our project even without the head. Nice! There is one last step ahead of us – we need to put it all together.



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We’ve finished the second part of controlling the head – making use of Xbox’s Kinect machine. To do it we traditionally found a node application that does it really well (ROS, baby!). I wouldn’t lie if I told that we weren’t stunned when Dominik (being a master of this part of our project) spied out how powerful this device is. Furthermore, having amazing openni_tracker package, it actually lets developer to keep track of any part of any person standing in front of Kinect, what was exactly what we needed.



Kinect output visualization. Not only it can find people on stage, but also it knows who is who!


After running the node, we could extract any data package from one of openni_tracker’s topics. Here’s an example of it:

seq: 0
secs: 1398786129
nsecs: 843478289
frame_id: openni_depth_frame
child_frame_id: left_hand_1
x: 1.84743381583
y: 0.431479655879
z: -0.0730218922108
x: 0.499999999997
y: 0.500001836603
z: 0.499999999997
w: 0.499998163397


As you can see, this was published when Kinect was to track left hand of user number 1 (look at frame_id parameter). Thus, the next step to do is to send it to another node that will be able to convert given data to be understandable by EmoHead. Should be doable.


Razer Hydra

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There’s been much progress during last few days! We’ve learnt how to obtain some quaternions out of Razer Hydra controller. As always, some ready-to-go components have been used - razer_hydra node from package of the same name. It’s quite easy to handle to be honest, but needs a lot of effort to test it and to bring out desired functionality.

Michał who was responsible for this part of our projects made shoot out of it. Works really nice and we have our data that can be sent to the robot. At the moment, there are a launch file made for receiving (x,y) position of Hydra’s handlebar as well as level of “fire” button pressure. This will be translated for (x,y) angles of servos controlling EmoHead’s eyeballs and mouth opening level. As a starter, it will allow us to simulate telepresence.


Method of controlling the head using Razer Hydra


As it couldn’t be tested on the robot yet, Michał introduced results of this part of the project on a drag-and-drop simulation run on V-Rep program. It’s a open source robotic simulator that makes designing robot stages much easier and cuts the costs of prototyping.

V-Rep workspace.

V-Rep workspace.


Teleconference system

Ok, so now we’re making teleconference system based on our favourite ROS. As it turns out, there are several packages, in fact, everything we need to do it already done in the web universe. We’re gonna use

  • gscam node from gscam package – it captures video from camera connected to a computer using gstreamer and streams data through dedicated topic
  • image_view node from image_view package – it can, on the other hand, subscribe the video topics and display it
  • audio_capture from audio_common package – similarly to gscam it captures sound from a microphone connected to a computer and publishes to topics
  • audio_play – subscribes to audio topics and plays data

We have checked out all the tutorials provided by the nodes’ authors and we made simple teleconference launch file. There are actually two of the launch files – one for a person who wants to send audio and view the other and the other who sends video and plays audio. Below, you can see the files.


Send video (for the one connected to EmoHead):




Play video (the other one):


And it works!
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